Find, select and easily specify baseTherm® using NBS Source

Did you know, you can find, select and easily specify baseTherm® using NBS Source?!

baseTherm® is also available on NBS’s powerful online BIM Library platform.

baseTherm® is an NSAI Agrément certified, complete with EPD, pumpable light-weight thermal and insulation screed mortar, produced and installed using a Mobile Floor Insulation Factory. It consists of EPS beads, fast-drying cement, and Isostay proprietary additive produced and installed using a mobile floor insulation factory. It is used as a thermally insulating, non-structural, bound expanding polystyrene system (BEPS) which contributes to the thermal and acoustic performance of floors.


baseTherm® Floor Insulation is factory-produced on-site using a purpose-built Mobile Floor Insulation Factory to meet the requirements of I.S. EN 16025-1 and I.S. EN 16025-2.
➡️ Highly insulating, from 0.041 W/mK
➡️ NSAI Agrément certified
➡️ Seamless, void-free poured floor insulation
➡️ Factory-produced on-site – no waste, no mess, no fuss
➡️ State-of-the-art Mobile Floor Insulation Factory
➡️ Rapid pumped installation
➡️ Non-combustible
➡️ Ultra-lightweight with acoustic benefits
➡️ EPD Certified – certificate available to download on EPD Ireland
➡️ Available for specification on NBS Source and as BIM Digital Objects
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✅ Below a concrete floor slab
✅ Below a floor screed on a concrete slab with a hardcore base
✅ Above a suspended concrete floor (e.g., block and beam) with a floor screed